Dr. Pocket: Instantly Relieve Pain Anywhere Anytime

Fast Pain Relief/Wireless/
Drug-Free/FDA Cleared/Portable.
Like a physical therapist in your pocket

Get Instant Drug-Free Pain Relief

Are you experiencing chronic pain? Do you know that using medication is not the only way to manage pain? The FDA cleared Dr. Pocket unit uses low voltage electric current (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, TENS) to relieve pain, just like having a physical therapy. Just apply Dr. Pocket to where you feel the pain, the wireless TENS unit offers instant relief for all sorts of aches and pain.

You can use
Dr. Pocket for

• Pain relief
• Rehabilitation purposes
• Muscle strengthening
• Relaxation of muscles
• Preventing disuse muscle atrophy
• Increasing blood circulation
• At the gym during workouts

BEST Pain Killer Device Ever

We released our first generation product, gathered all feedbacks from over 30,000 users. With several months of improvements, we are back! Introducing amazing 2nd generation drug-free pain relief device: Dr Pocket. It is FDA cleared needing no doctor’s prescription to relieve your aches and pain

Easy to Use 

Step 1. apply the self-adhesive pads to wherever you feel ached/physical pain. Dr. Pocket provides you different sizes of reusable pads to fit in different situations;

Step 2. put the wireless TENS control unit on the pads. The control unit can be automatically sticked to the pads via magnet;

Step 3. Choose the simulation mode and intensity level you prefer via mobile App or control unit. Dr. Pocket will relieve your pain right away.

Go Cordless!Dr. Pocket VS Regular Pain Management Devices

Unlike traditional wired products, the TENS unit of Dr. Pocket can be wirelssly controlled via Bluetooth App.
And why this feature is so important? Check out our user review video.

A Physical Therapist in Your Pocket

Compact design and lightweight, you can take Dr. Pocket anywhere, especially usefull when travelling.

Customize Your Personal Therapy experience

Pain is personal, that's why an effective pain management should be customized. Dr Pocket can be controlled via an app with unlimited modes. So you can adjust the therapy mode, intensity level and healing time. Just like having a personal physical therapy/massage.

Fast Relieve Your Pain Anywhere, Anytime

Aches/pain may happen to anyone during the work, workouts, or long trips.
With Dr. Pocket's cordless pads and compact design, you can control your pain anywhere anytime

What do users say?

The user reviews are based on 1st generation product, Dr. Pocket is an improved version of this device.

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